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Joining the Good balance charitable auction is free.

We do not charge any fees for listing, or bidding or buying any items.

There is no insertion or final value fee for listed item, so the seller/donor can list/donate their item totally free of charge.


User is any person or organization entering, visiting, listing or buying items through the Good Balance online auctions.

By entering our website, any user automatically agrees to our Terms & Conditions and all our assumptions.

Any user entering into any action or transaction, listing or buying items is through Good Balance is called either:

DONOR (Seller) = BUYER

The user is solely responsible for the personal information and we take any action with respect to these personal information we deem necessary or appropriate if we believe it may cause any user or the organization to suffer any loss, liability or damage.


Good Balance is a not for profit company and for its purpose any item listed on our auction is automatically donated. Any items or services donated to or through the good balance – are donated for the charitable purposes and Good Balance which will be lawfully responsible for the subsequent distribution of proceeds arising from the sale of such items in accordance with the Good Balance Company status and its Terms& Conditions.

Any items physically donated - given to the Good Balance, are listed on the Good balance auction website and available for purchase by other users of the online auction.

Any physical item or service which may directly benefit the Company charitable purposes, will be directly used or distributed to fulfill the needs accordingly with Good Balance Terms & Conditions and the company Memorandum.


The buyer is any person who is entering into buying/bidding transaction through the good Balance website.

Once a bid has been entered, the buyer is responsible to pay for item/s won through the auction.

For the buyer’s own safety and interest it is advisable that any electronic items can be checked for the legality through checkmend.com.

The shipping costs are to the responsibility of the buyer and the buyer is obligated to pay.


For the purpose of the Good Balance auctions and its charitable causes, the SELLER is known as a DONOR.

Donor, donating item or service or any other item, is any person who is listing – donating any item/s or service for the charitable purposes and which are sold through the Good Balance auction website.

The donor can list = donate any item which can be sold to any person who wants to buy it, therefore also contribute to our charitable purpose.

Donor is responsible for any text, or pictures, or its property rights which may be donated through the Good Balance auctions.
The donor will not receive any financial rewards, or expect to receive any financial or any other forms of rewards for the donated items through the Good Balance website.
The whole value for any goods sold via Good Balance auction website, is transferred to the good balance accounts and then properly distributed to carefully selected needs.

Donors are obligated to send/ship items purchased by the buyer. Donor will do it after receiving confirmation that funds for the purchased item/s or service have been paid into and received by the Good Balance bank account.
The donor might choose to donate buyer’s shipping costs to the Good Balance, if wants to. In this case, the whole amount, including packaging and delivering costs will be received by Good Balance.


Although we assure that our service is 99.9% reliable and safe, we always consider the possibility of any issues caused by the technological problems. Therefore we feel we reserve the rights to change, amend, cancel, erase or improve any possible damages caused by the technological problems.


Although the Good Balance monitors the flow of any listed items, it is the seller or buyer responsibility to make sure the listed items meet the legal criteria.

The legality of any electronic item/s listed on the portal, can be checked at www.checkmend.com

Good Balance does not take any responsibility for the legality of any items sold or bought through the Good Balance auction website.

Good Balance does not take any responsibility for any disputes between donors and buyers.

We do not take any responsibility for any text, or pictures or its physical or intellectual property rights of the items listed on Good Balance auction site.

We assume that donor have ownership and rights to the pictures or images of the donated item/s.

We do not take any responsibility for the ownership of any intellectual property rights which may be donated through the Good Balance auctions.

We reserve the rights to remove any listed item which might be suspicious, or do not meet these criteria.

Any illegal activity will be investigated and reported to the right institutions.

Good Balance reserves the rights to amend or update Terms & Conditions, disclaimers and limitations of liability at any time and without any notice.