About Us

The Good Balance is a not for profit organization, trading as an online auction.

Good Balance is the first pure charitable online auctions website available to everybody.

This form of charitable venture encourages people to donate their unwanted items which are then sold via the online auction.

This unique venture is founded with the purpose to serve underprivileged children.

The main aim of this venture is to support vulnerable or ill children, help prevent any signs of neglect and to give them a chance for better and equal lives.

We seek to ensure that any children who need our help receive it without hindrance.

We also help carefully selected charitable projects, as one of our goals is to reduce huge overheads and unnecessary spending habits which are often associated with running of big charities.

Our goal is to help solve not only the health problems but also provide help with solving the legal issues, financial, etc.

The idea of Good Balance is to provide help and support within the national (United Kingdom) boarders, concentrating mainly on the individuals, rather than other charities.

Our aim is to cut the running costs and to use the money more effectively, minimizing any additional costs.